Monday, May 24, 2010

We have spent the last few days at our family cabin 15 miles northwest of Spooner, WI.  When we are at the cabin, we are Internet challenged...we have none and that's OK.  My parents were there and we spent some quality time together...EATING, golfing, fishing and visiting.

On one day we caught and fried up a mess of pan fish.  I do like freshly caught fish.  Putting fish in the freezer is something we do not do.  Not only do they taste better not being froze, IMO it is being a better conservationist.  I have witnessed first hand the glutenous ways of some of these so called sportsman.  They find the fish are biting, and they will fish, fish and fish to fill their freezer, only to complain later about not catching any or catching just little ones.  Same goes with hunting, as common sense and civility goes out the window for many.  Some of the biggest glutton's, pigs, hogs or whatever you wish to call them are these "sportsmen." 

Well, enough on the soapbox.  I have gotten three enjoyable rides in recently.  All three were good efforts with the mileage being not too long, but like I said, they were strong rides of 38, 28 and 34 miles.  I would rather blog with pictures, but I failed to take bad


  1. ..EATING, golfing, fishing and visiting. Some of my favorite things. Who needs the internet?

  2. I love to fish, but I have to agree with glutinous fishing.

    My Grandpa used to fish a lot when he was alive. He had a separate chest freezer he kept packed with all the fish he caught. In the warm weather months, he had community fish fries for family and friends in the small town of Ligonier, Indiana. While he did fish excessively, he kept us fed and together.

    Glad to hear you had a good time.

  3. I too have been known to be eating, golfing and yes fishing. I remember the bag limits of old, well not that old, but when I was growing up the limits were quite different from today. Times have changed and I truly believe we need to manage our resources wisely. Everything from the vast array fishing baits, to sonar/depth finders, to underwater cameras, to GPS systems, to trolling motors and fishing boats with more horsepower than autos has contributed to the decline of fishing. That along with the sheer number of people fishing these days...but as I said earlier, I have been guilty myself...and there is nothing wrong with a fish fry with family and friends, to that I can attest.