Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend S24O

I had read about an S24O somewhere on here and had decided it was something I wanted to do with the bicycle.  It consist of a sub 24 hour overnight camping trip. Janice and I chose to ride to Pattison State Park near Superior Wisconsin for our first bicycle S24O.  It is about a 75 mile round trip.  We left home at 2:00 PM Saturday and pulled back in at home at 1:00 PM Sunday.  

We had an all around good trip as the temperature was warm with a slight winds.  The only downfall of the whole trip was while riding on State Highway 35, someone through a tennis ball at Janice while driving by.  I have a "b a d" temperament at times...but I do my best, I swear.  I waved at them from the middle of the road using just one finger, but they chose not to stop.  That was good thinking on their part...for all parties involved.  The adrenaline was flowing.  Other than that one incident, all was good.

Our daughter Lisa took this picture of us as we were leaving Saturday afternoon...still fresh.

The park we camped at has the Black River as its main attraction, although it looks much different at Pattison Park.

That was nice of him.  It was the start of a 1436 acre state park. 

Our own little rented space for the night.  There were not many people here, but a few gnats.  They were not unbearable and when it cooled down in the evening, they were gone.

After a tuna wrap supper and pressed coffee, it was popcorn for dessert.

This is a pond just between the Manitou Falls on the Black River.  The Little Manitou Falls are just past the end of the lake you can see in this picture and The big Manitou Falls are just after.  The Little Falls drop 31 feet, which by the way isn't little.  There is a lot of water going over that 31 feet.  The Big Falls is the largest water fall in Wisconsin at 165 feet.

The Black River passes under the highway and shortly after drops
This is at the top of Big Manitou Falls.  The river takes a drop in elevation just past this point.   

This a view looking from near the top of the falls.  I will post up some pics of the falls later.


  1. Looks like you had a most enjoyable 24 hours!!!
    To bad some jerk-offs had to show. That would really piss me off also!!
    Thanks for sharing some really nice photo's!!

    Peace, Joboo

  2. Looks like you both had a great time. Ahh, beautiful northern Wisconsin. No better place to be.

    Have the black flies been very bad yet?

  3. Nice pictures, and I like the idea of the S240. Some people's kids with the tennis ball, huh? Better than some things they might have thrown, but what would cause someone to be such a jerk? Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. Yes, I feel bad about loosing the temper. It maybe would have been best to just ignore them...but.
    I haven't noticed any black flies yet, but they will be coming.

  5. I like the S240 idea, I'm going to have to get a proper camping bike one of these days.

  6. I just stumbled across your blog -- hit "next blog" on another blog.

    As a cyclist, I enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts. Entertaining writing and photos.

    The S240 idea is interesting. It gets you out there. I think I would have a hard time trying to get back so quick. Maybe more like a S340 for me.