Wednesday, May 26, 2010

X-cellent Ride

Janice and I took the road tandem for a nice ride this evening.  I can not say enough about how enjoyable this ride was.  We rode the what I call the County M ride...36 miles of excellent riding.  Tonight we easily saw more wildlife than autos, and that is sure sign of a good ride IMO...and I think The Old fool will agree.  Get Well Soon.  The picture above is of a Muskrat.  I was not near fast enough with the camera to get the picture when it was crossing the road.  Saw another Black Bear tonight, no picture there either...And of course lots of Whitetails.
This cabin has been around for years.  It is called the Broken Canoe Camp.  I do not know how it came about its name, but I can tell you that less than a mile from this camp is what is called Scott's Rapids on the St. Croix River.  I know for a fact Scott's Rapids has broken a few canoes and some completely in half.

For those that don't know, this is a Snapping Turtle.  There are a lot of these around our area.  They are good to eat and we now have a harvest season on them.  I have eaten a lot of them.  We joke around and call them Texas Wood ticks, as everything is bigger in Texas.

An ATV trail we rode by.  In the early days of the ATV, I used to ride this trail from one bar to another bar.  For those that do not know, I did a lot of that a few years ago...from one bar to another that is.

There is geese in this here picture I tell you, although they did not show up well on the camera.

We call these painted turtles...I don't know the official name.
This is why, the painted bottom.  This one has been injured.  Don't worry, I flipped him back over after the picture, plus, since he was so nice to let us photograph him, I moved him from the road.


  1. I've moved several turtles off of the road, but none as big as that one.

  2. You've got the second turtle right, it's a painted turtle. Those big snapping turtles are mean. Every now and then I think about eating one, but when I find one, I chicken out. I don't want to lose any fingers.

  3. Naturally, when you find that snapper you want to eat you have to get it to where you are going to clean it. I am a big sissy and carry them by the tail with my arm as far out as it will go. Their jaws are a snappin'. My Dad is another story. He tips them over so they are belly side up. The turtle then sticks its neck way out to turn themselfs back over. When the neck is stuck out, he quickly runs his hand up the belly side of them and grabs them by the neck. When you sqeeze the neck, they are paralyzed and cannot move, then you when carry them they aren't snapping at you. His theory is that it is much safer that way. I haven't the testicle fortitud:-(