Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After Lowes Creek in Eau Claire, it was on to Levis-Trow Mounds east of Merrillan WI in Clark county Wisconsin.  These are some of the best trails in the Midwest.  We had never been there, but had heard of them, and are sure glad we went.  The facilities are great with a small camp ground on the premises.  While there we visited with the other two groups that were camped also.  The one group was three guys from the Twin Cities and one girl from Canada.  The other group was Darin Braun and his girlfriend Lynn.  Darin is a very good rider placing 4th last year, his first year I might add, in the WORS...Wisconsin Off Road Series.  This is America's largest mountain biking series.  They say he will be on the top soon.  But, more than being a very good rider, they are both very nice people.  Two nicer people one could not meet...and that I will guarantee.  I put a link to his blog named "The Pursuit of Happiness" with the other links.

Epic...they are not kidding.
Bring your legs..and lungs.
The names of these trails tell you something.  You ride switchbacks to near the top and ride on the cliff. 

There are intermittent maps such as these, but I carried a map supplied at the trail head that worked very well.
Many of the trails going up were like this.

And this.

Near the top of one of the bluffs was interesting bridge segment.  This was the approach...or the descent depending on which way you are traveling.  Most trails are two way.

The middle section of the bridge series.
The other end...and you do not want to ride off the end of this section ! !

Nearing the top.

Closer to the top.

The next two pictures below are from the rocks you see across the gap here. 
I rode to the top of three bluffs while here, but I may have missed one...not sure.  The second day I was going ride everything I hadn't the first day.  It didn't work out as when I got near what I think may have been the last bluff, I was almost out of water.  I brought one bottle of water and didn't want to bonk out there.
This was two very nice rides and would recommend these to anyone.  If you do not want to climb, there are some nice single track trails that follow the bottoms...and if you do want to climb, see pictures included.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. Great pictures! Almost makes me want to get off the road. ;)

  2. Thank you for filling "me" in on where's where, and what's what!! ;)
    I appreciate it!!
    Also, it looks like I might have to plan a weekend around heading to Wis. and pedaling that there trail you took such awesome photos of!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Right there people, in these pictures, is why my road bike has been hanging in the garage for 10+ years!!!!
    No, my biking style is better than yours, you ride that? You really should get this gear, oh....... that's so last year!!
    I love the woods, always have. I think riding on the (watch out, dreaded word;), "road" is just to boring, But that's just me, and that's what makes biking so great; there is truely something for everyone!!!
    So here's to however, whatever, and whenever you ride!! Keep the rubber side down, and may the sun shine brightly on your face, and the wind be at you back!!
    Woooo I need some sleep!!! LOL
    Peace, Joboo
    Peace, Joboo