Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MS150 Cool Down Ride

This next weekend we will be riding the MS150 again this year from Proctor to Whitebear Lake MN.  We are veterans of this 150 mile charity ride.  It is for a very good cause and it seems they are making some wonderful advancements in the fight against MS.  Every year it seems they are getting closer to putting an end to Multiple Sclerosis and that is due in part to the great people that are willing to part with some of their hard earned cash to support nuts like us that ride an event such as this.  They are predicting rain the first day...suit up!!  We will be doing it on our Burley road tandem, so we have been getting some miles in on that unit. 

We recently had the Burley out again for a 54+ mile loop that we call the Casey City Hall Loop. We call it that because I have it on Map My Ride and the hall is the start and end point. It is a very nice ride and if you click the name, it will take you to a map of the ride.  It is accurate and I would encourage anybody to try it and let us know what you think.  The fly over feature they have on there now is kinda a cool. This ride winds from the hall through some of the many lakes in this region. It then breaks out into some farm land when it gets to the southerly portion and back to the hall.

Many miles of roads like these.  This ride does however include 2 miles of state highway 70, but there is a shoulder, and it is only 2 miles.

These people have the first crop of hay down and bailed.  They usually get three crops a year.  That is corn in the foreground...I will bet that Big Oak Bikes is seeing much taller corn on his recent rides.  Road is doing a 494 mile tour across Kansas, so he may see some taller corn also. 

We do not ride the farm country much, but I do not know why, because I do enjoy it.  There is not much traffic around the farm country either, and that is what I like.


  1. Our corn isn't much taller. It's been exceptionally wet this spring, so there was a lot of delayed planting.

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