Sunday, June 27, 2010

Riding the City

After riding the John Muir trails, it was off to Madison.  We camped at Capital Springs campground, which the campground itself is a Dane County park connected to the Capital Springs State Recreation Area run by the the WDNR.  We had mistakenly thought it was a state campground.  It wasn't our favorite, but if one had business in Madison, it would work well.  What brought us here is that the Capital City State Trail is connected to this area.  Janice and I rode that trail and added in the Southwest bike path to make a near 20 mile circle on the tandem.

This bridge in Fitchburg is a new addition since the last time I rode around the Madison area.  Very nice addition to the trail, but I would hate to guess the cost.

The Southwest Bicycle Path goes by the Pacific Cycle headquarters.  We do have a Schwinn elipitical trainer, and I have an old Schwinn I am suppose to be rebuilding and that is the extent of any brands we own represented on this sign.  As I googled the company I discoverd it is part of Dorel Industries which is a Canadein company.  I still thought it was cool.

Pacific Cycle building.

These geese did not want to move off the path...and some did not.

The Madison area most likely received a lot of rain recently.  We encountered sereval large puddles on the Capital City Trail...Also for those who do not know, a trail pass is required for most, if not all, of WI state trails run by the DNR.  Click the link for more info on WDNR run trails.  I think the fee is minimial and we willing support these trails.    


  1. Madison is less then 90 minutes away from me. Thanks for the link. I need to drive up there soon and spend a day on the trails.

  2. lovely pictures and adventure!