Monday, June 21, 2010

Lowes Creek MTB

The MTB has been neglected this it was time to remedy that. 

We started out by heading south to Lowes Creek in Eau Claire.  I hit every trail there and man, did it feel good.
They have made some re-routes since the last time I was there...for the good IMO.

When I first started coming here, this hill on the Red Flint was dirt.  It has been rock for I think at least two years.  It used to be when you come to the bottom of the hill, there was a bridge you needed to cross.  That bridge could be tricky if you were carrying to much speed.  I witnessed people crashing there during the Fire Cracker race one year.  Bridge is now history due to re-route.
Some log crossings, but most have a go-around.

Some nice trails here.

What I think is the signature trail at Lowes...The Onion.

On to Levis next ! !

1 comment:

  1. it looks like you guys haven't got the rain we here to the west have been getting.
    studying your pictures, things look really dry, and nicely ridable!!!
    or is it just all that sand you guys have under the dirt over there??;)
    so is that area a haul from Duluth?
    actually i'd be coming from Hibbing, but that's only a 45 min. drive (to Duluth), from here.
    anyway keep the rubber side down!!!
    Peace, Joe