Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We spent the Memorial weekend at our family cabin with family and friends.  Much fun was had, guaranteed.  I rode only two days and both rides were good.  The first I put in alone at 32 miles on a dead end ride with a strong headwind.  I worked pretty hard at that one.  The second ride was much more enjoyable as I had the company of my wife and our niece Sarah.  We rode 36 miles of low traffic, scenic, mostly smooth, with rolling hills lake country blacktop roads and that my friends...equals excellence in my book. 

This is our niece Sarah with whom we have been doing some rides with as of late.

This is her new ride.  It is a Redline Conquest cross bike she named Blanche.  Nice bike for sure.

This was the ride Janice and I were on...The Burley road tandem.

The stoker of the tandem cycle taking a well deserved rest.

I have said it before, but riding in the lake country of northwest Wisconsin has to be some of the best in the land.


  1. It looks like good riding! I'm adding WI to my list of places I need to get to and ride.

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  3. It seems the roads hold up well in your area. That is great riding country.