Thursday, August 12, 2010

Copper Falls

On our way back from the U.P., we stopped in at Copper Falls State Park at the northeastern corner of Wisco.  It must the year of the falls for us, as we have visited many.  With the temps in the mid 90's and the humidity the worst I have seen, smart me decided on a mountain bike ride.  There need to be hills to have water falls of any size, and the mtb trails here used them there hills, as the picture above proves out.
Rough terrain...really???

We saw this little critter while we were both on a walk.

The water here is starting downhill.

And...A little more downhill action.

A double whammy here.

One more from a distance.

The walking trail runs along both sides of the river, so to get to the other side, there are 100 of these rock made steps on one side and 125 on the other.  If you stay around these steps long, you will be witness to what kind of shape people are in. 

After the walk and bike ride, we decided to head southwest about 25 miles to the little town of Clam Lake, WI. to see if we could spot any Elk.  Wisconsin started an Elk reintroduction
in 1995.  We stopped at the gas station in town to see if we could get some local info on where we may spot some.  The nice gentleman give us the name of a couple roads to check.  We spotted 2 bulls and 1 cow on our journey on the back country roads.  There is one in the picture above, if you look close enough.

Another bull elk...this one was collared with a radio transmitter.  Not a big one, but a good close up view.  We didn't get good pictures of the others as it was getting dark when we spotted them.
Back to the ride...It wasn't a long ride, but I rode hard and with the temps and humidity, it kicked back.


  1. Glad to see you out on the MTB!! :)
    looks like a fine time!
    Peace, Joboo

  2. Beautiful shots! Looks like a great day in the woods