Monday, August 23, 2010

More Gravel'in

Early in the summer I had checked out a new route to the cabin using gravel/sand roads as much as possible.  I knew the mountain bike would be the one to ride, as there are some very sandy areas.  With the amount of rain we have received this last month or so, I also knew it was there for the taking.  So with that in mind I headed out.
I rode the Giant Anthem mountain bike because of the 2.1" tires and the amount of sand roads I needed to ride.  I had intentions when I started out that I would be walking some of it, but with the recent rainfalls, it was sweeeeet! ! !

When there are puddles like this standing in sand country, you know we have had rain.

This is where the St. Croix River crosses the St. Croix Trail.  There are normally rocks one needs to navigate while in a canoe in this section of the river...not today.  Point the way and enjoy the ride.

It is very seldom I use the granny, but I have to admit to using it on this ride.
I did see a few bear hunters on these scenic back roads.  The season isn't open yet, but they are allowed to practice using their dogs.  They run the bear with their dogs until the bear is tree'd, then call them off.  In a couple of weeks the bear will not be so lucky, as there will be a loud boom if it gets tree'd again. 

One our local trout streams...could be some very difficult fishing now.

One thing about riding near rivers in this area is...there is nice down hill going to the river, but a person must pay the piper when one climbs back out the other side.

The Perkins trail has some hills too.

I feel very lucky to have gotten this ride in.  It registered at the end to be 47+ miles with 1200 ft of climb, and I know I can easily add another 25 with the right conditions.  Another goooood time.


  1. aah to be young again. I use to think I wouldn't start all over again but there are so many things I didn't have time to do that now I would. I just needed to be young longer.
    Beautiful country and no mosquitoes I suppose.

  2. Magnificent country! I miss the trout streams.

  3. No shame in granny gearing up a hill. At least you didn't walk it...

  4. The mosquitoes really haven't been bad around our area, although not far far away I have heard some complaints. On one ride this year, it was the black flies that wanted me bad. That granny gear on the mountain bike is really granny...and I needed it. I don't mind, that's why its on there.