Saturday, August 14, 2010

Single Trackin' Fun

On our way back from Mellen, we stopped by the Makwa mountain bike trail head east of Seeley.  The trails in this area are made and maintained by CAMBA.  Although I do not actively work on these trails, I am a card carrying member.  The CAMBA trail network is phenomenal.  Click the CAMBA to find out more.  The Makwa is in my opinion, by far more fun to ride than any trail I have been on.  It has some flow sections that are unreal...then leading into more technical sections on the southern most end before it meets up the Hatchery Trail.  I dropped off at the trail head and rode the Makwa and the Hatchery.  We treated this ride like a canoe trip, where as Janice dropped me off at one point and picked me up at another.  When I finished up, the Garmin registered 15.87 miles of point A to point B of pure single track fun.   

The flow sections are fantastic and are the most fun for me.

Along the trail sits this picnic table with a rather unique cooker.

This is new since the last time I was here, and I almost missed it, as there was alternate route around this.  I am glad I took the right turn.

I made this ride late in the afternoon with the finishing temp at 94 and the humidity very high, much like the last ride I was on.  One of the disadvantages of riding it when I did, other than the temp, was the fact that I was finishing into the sun when the technical sections came up.  It isn't that it is that technical, but there are some minor rock gardens that made it very difficult to see the lines...that and the rocks were wet and slippery from the high humidity.  It was indeed fun and I would do it all over again. 


  1. CAMBA rocks!!!
    Mn. needs to take a cue from Wis. in how to pump MTB to the masses!!!
    Rock Lake is my fav!!!
    Peace, Joboo