Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yooper Tourist

It is only 100 miles from our place to the U.P. of Michigan, so we decided to play tourist there recently.  There are some very scenic places and also some very desolate areas, which of course are not hard on the eyes either. The photo above is of a lift bridge in Houghton.  As a side note, this bridge appears to be more complicated, and probably newer, than the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth.
Somewhere near Michigamme, the Peshekee Grade road headed northwest and we decided to follow it.  This is a remote road with out a doubt.  It started with rough blacktop and ended with sand the width of one vehicle.  It followed Peshekee river for miles.  I decided to ride the mountain bike back out to the main road.  Good choice!  It was about a 15 mile ride and Janice wasn't waiting long at the end.  As I said earlier, it was a rough road.

This the wider part of the gravel on Peshekee Grade.

The blacktop portion of this road was not as smooth as this picture shows...must have been a good section.

We stopped and played some golf at the Gogebic Country Club in Ironwood MI.  These critters...Whitetail Deer...have obviously been around people as we were
very close to them. 

This fawn had to check this pine.  Chances are it better acquire a taste for it because some of their winter diet will consist of it.

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  1. Great pics! What a beautiful part of the country.