Sunday, October 3, 2010

Watch'in the Heck

I have been riding the fixed gear again after being off of it most of the summer.  For about a year it was my main ride, as I think I rode it more than any of the others, both winter and summer.  I like it in the winter because there are of course no derailleur's to get salted up.  It has felt good to be back riding it.

 This weekend we took a drive up along Lake Superior to near Two Harbors and then headed north to watch the half-way stop of the "Heck of the North."  It was a lot of fun talking with some of the bikers and the people working the event.  One of the folks we talked to was Rich's wife.  Rich is one of the Duluth Road Cyclist bloggers who logs a lot of miles.  His wife, who I never got her name, is very pleasant to talk to, as was everybody there.  It seems when one is around fellow cyclist, the company is always good.

Good job CAD and Doug, as they finished the Heck and it sounded as if they had a heck of a good time.  This is an example of what I was saying in the above paragraph above about cyclist being good people.  These are friends who stuck with each other through a flat tire, some cramps and whatever else the course threw at them.  Goooood job, as there is something to be said for finishing an event such as this.  It is something I think neither man will ever forget.


  1. right on about good people at these type events!!!


  2. Nice to hear. On the Katy Trail years ago, a store owner informed us that she had been told she could trust cyclists, they were good people. I'm always happy to confirm that again.

  3. The support was much appreciated. Heckuva great ride...Lot's of gravel, interesting trails, beautiful scenery, just a tiny bit of pavement, and a well organized event...We'll have to make it a race next year.