Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Beautiful Mid Winter Ride

I had a stroke of good luck today...the tire was flat while still in the garage and not out on the road.  The front hadn't lost any air but the back lost 65lbs overnight.  Turns out the tube had an un-repairable  leak next to the stem.  The rubber is quite thick where the leak was so it must have been operator error somewhere along the line.  So before today's ride it was throw in a new tube time.  Better at home than on the road in the cold...and very possibly could have been dark also, as a lot of my winter riding is during the hours of darkness.  Today's pictures are again from the cell phone and are a bit fuzzy, but I may have figured something out.  I carry that thing in my front jeans pocket all the time and after I loaded the crappy pics up again this time I looked at the phone.  I will say there was a bit of dust and lint hanging around in the places there probably shouldn't be any if want to take pictures.  

The above pic is of the driveway of our local golf course, Gordon Pines.  It may be a while before they are ready to open.

Most of the roads were in this condition today, which is perfect for studded tire riding.

There was very little traffic today.  I think people may have been staying home resting up for the Super Bowl game, as there are a lot of Green Bay Packer fans in this area.

The temp was around the 25F mark as I left this morning.  I rode 21+ miles of snow covered  roads that were in perfect winter riding conditions.  We have been busy most weekends, so it was nice to get and ride during the daylight.  Very good time.


  1. The ride looks good, but I wish the golf courses would open soon.

  2. Yay Packers!

    I think I have the same luck with tires as you, but I haven't had a dark flat now for almost a year.

    Glad you were able to ride in the light yesterday. A lot of beautiful scenery up there.

  3. Looked a great winter ride. Stroke of luck regarding the puncture...!