Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good time Wednesday

We started the Wednesday after work fitness rides a week ago, so we have had two rides so far.  We had three riders last week and two tonight...Eric and I.  I was on the fixed gear tonight because that is my ride if the roads are salty, and they were calling for a possibility of snow which meant that would be my bike of choice for those type of conditions.  So at +39F and a couple drops of rain a person can't complain...well you could complain, but what does that do for you.  Or, you could just not go and say those guys are nuts, I'm not riding in that...but whats that do for ya.  Snow didn't happen, wind was strong out of the WSW and Eric was nice enough to take it easy and pull me along.  Thanks man.  It was a good time.

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. Did you guys not get the snow?????

  2. Take a stand! Take action! Repost the bike commuter's manifesto! Get the word out! We are here! Do not mess with us!

  3. No, we only had a few flurries. I heard that title town got hammered, so I suspect you got a bunch also. Good thing is it can't last long. Dano, I need to ask if you know of a good route to get from Lake Geneva to north of Sheboygon while bicycle touring hauling a B.O.B. trailer. I have most of my trip planned out except for the southeastern part of the state.