Friday, April 29, 2011

It Was Nice

Today marks the first day I did not have report for work, and don't think that was an easy decision, so on this first day I thought I would do a little biking...surprised?  Bicycling for me is a good activity to think things out and clear the mind.   

A pic of the St. Croix river.

The Moose River

A swamp on Douglas County Highway M

The Tamarack River as it crosses M

Some cows out enjoying the the grass that is greening up nicely in our area now. 

I decided to venture off on some of the Dairyland township roads.  When I left the blacktop road they didn't look bad but they soon turned soft.

To say the roads had some soft spots would be an understatement.  I don't know if you can see the people standing on the road in the background, but I am quite sure they were questioning my intelligence.  When I passed by their cabin they were standing in the yard.  I stopped to snap this photo and I noticed they were standing on the road.  I am only guessing they wanted to watch me ride through the mud. 

I didn't have to walk any of the roads, but it was close.  I am glad I have this ride geared low now or I would've been walking for sure.

This picture was actually before the mud run.  I ended up with 43 miles.  The temps were around the +70F mark with a stout SSE wind. 

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. I bet there were some nice brookies in some of those creeks!

    Looks like the frost is coming out of the roads now. Our frost boils are pretty much all dried up now.

  2. Great first day post working-stiff.

  3. Hey, I completely missed your announcement about retiring. Congratulations!

  4. What a great way to spend a first day!

  5. Great..stating as you mean to go on.
    Retirement and biking - a first class mix..!


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