Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I have had the cross bike out the last two rides and it was a welcome change, but more work than the road bike, although it does ride much better with the noisy and wide 35mm tires.  This is the bike I am thinking of using for some touring with this summer.  I have hauled the BOB trailer with it but only for about 100 miles.  I think I will change the cassette and tires to make it a little more hill friendly and give it a go.
Just two of my favorite things...Bicycling and Golf.  I did both today.
The temperatures have been nice as of late so most of the snow is gone.  In the 70's the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, so that has left a very small amount in a extra shady area, but that is about it.

The spring peepers are out in force.  It has made for some very noisy rides around here, but it is a good noise.  I got in 19 miles Monday and another 30 plus today.


  1. Chance of a snow\rain mix here on Saturday.
    Im going to move over by you guys...

    I also used an old cross bike to tour. A bit more relaxed geometry.

    And I had nothing else to do with it at the time.

  2. I love cycling and golf too. Self-supported touring on a cross bike sounds great. A few years ago in Colorado I met 2 young guys riding Surly Cross-Checks, one with a BoB trailer, from LA to New York. They had camped out on the top of Monarch Pass between Gunnison and Salida the night before. I was kind of jealous.