Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Fever

On a recent bicycle ride I stopped and ate my lunch here by the river.  I was thinking then that it would be nice to spend some time here in a canoe or kayak again, as I had when I was younger.  Today was the day.  I put the kayak in here on St Croix River near Gordon and paddled up river about 4.5 to 5 miles.

Nice day to spend not working.  The place I work at has cut hours to 32 hours a week due to a downturn in business.  Today is the day I am off this far.  For those that don't know, soon I will be off full time.

I also paddled up the Eau Claire River from the St. Croix as far as I could go and not make too much work of it.  Beyond the downed trees is one of the local swimming holes called Finstads Bridge.  Local kids come here to swim when parents won't take them to one of the many lakes surrounding this area.  I spent some time there in my youth.

This is still the Eau Claire...but I think you can see where it dumps into the St. Corix from here.

We used to duck hunt this area when we youngsters .  Guess what we called this...The Big Rock...creative huh

Stopped here for a little break and a snack.  The river is a little wider here, so that is what made it good for the ducks.  A nice flyway.

An Eagle nest.  We are fortunate to have many Eagles in our area.  I saw some today, but the pictures didn't turn out well because I was too far away...that and I have a cheapo camera.  Good enough for me though. 

It was nice to be out today.  Spring fever one might say.

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. Looks like you had a nice day on the river...I haven't been in a kayak for years but mates of mine are in their kayaks quite regularly.


  2. I wonder how many trout and smallmouth you floated over in your kayak? Looks like a good place to fish also!

  3. Wish we had your weather over here on the other side of Wisco. Send it over!

  4. Is that a sit on top? You are hardcore! I'm waiting at least another month before I get out.
    I'm hoping to kayak more this year. The problem is, the weather that is good for kayaking is also good for biking.

  5. Trevor, yes it was a great day. I like to mix it up a bit and not bicycle all the time, but I do once in while get in a rut where I ride every day.

    Big Oak, I may have floated over them, but they didn't bite.

    Dano, your weather is coming. You are ahead of us down there. We have quite a bit of snow laying around yet. I sure the Kettle Moraine area trails wil dry out sooner than our CAMBA trails, so I may have to make a trip down that way when they are ready to ride.

    Darin, Yes it is a sit on top fishing model. It seems to be quite stable, although not as fast as some of the smaller ones.