Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Ride

On Friday with the temperature around the 70F mark, it was much too nice not to get out for a ride. 

The Moose River at the Mail Rd bridge

I think one of the great things about riding this time of the year is that without the foilage you can see far into the woods.  Makes the woods look inviting.  Down side is that you can see just how much people litter.

Another photo of the Moose.  Back in the day we use to canoe this river during the spring run off.  It is a wild ride this time of year between picking which way to go and ducking trees.  I have gotten wet during these crazy excursions.

One of the local trout streams

This is a photo the water crossing over County Highway M.  It is not bad this year as this was the only place the water crossed the road in the ten miles I rode on M today.  We have had years where water crosses several places in that 10 miles.  There is only one resident that lives at about the half way point which makes this one of my favorite highways to ride.

A lot of water on this ride.  No spring peepers here yet...soon though.

This is one of the roads I ride often in the summer.  They close it during the wet season to prevent shitting it up.

Obivously the signs do not apply to everyone.  There are some very soft spots further back in on these roads.  Soft enough to get a vehicle good and stuck. 

36 mile ride, stopping and visiting neighbors on the way equalled a very good time.

Get outdoors and have some fun ! ! !


  1. The comment in you post regarding the litter is so true...I have thought that myself this past week while out riding.......It obviously happens everywhere..!


  2. Sounds like a great ride, and a great day!