Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bicycle Camp

 Last week I headed out for a 4 or 5 day bicycle camping trip.  I really didn't know how long I would stay out and decided to play it by ear.  I waited until the sun got up higher in the sky before I left home, as I knew I was heading east.  I am not fond of riding into the rising or setting of the sun.  It can be dangerous.

 I headed east out of Gordon, WI on Douglas County highway Y towards the Barnes area. I was surprised by the lack of traffic on this road. I had expected it to be busier than it was.  One elderly gentleman that was driving towards me waved me down.  He was excited that he had just seen a newly born Whitetail Deer fawn.  He thought traveling by bicycle was an easy way to spot them. 

 I pulled into Mooney Dam for a midday snack .  Great place to sit and relax.  It is a county park with a few campsites and a boat landing to the Eau Claire lakes chain.

 When I crossed over a channel between two lakes I noticed fish below the bridge.  They appeared to be Large Mouth Bass.  Lots of them!!

 I entered into the Chequamegon National Forest while riding on Bayfield County highway N.  There are some great mountain bike trails in this forest...great road riding too for that matter.

 Highway N

 I had stopped at Drummond and picked up snacks and then headed north on the Delta Drummond road.  Even though it was early in the afternoon, I decided to stay at Perch Lake campground.  It is a National Forest campground that today was in need of some maintenance.  The bear had been in and strewn garbage out through the woods.  The garbage container stunk something fierce.  It's no wonder they were attracted to it. 

I cooked up some dinner, some coffee and headed down to the shore with the journal and a book.  Whether kayaking, walking the bush or whatever, I have found these little lightweight tripod chairs are great to bring along. 
 In the evening I watched a pair of loons while we got some rain showers.

All in all...a great day all the way around.  I will post more later.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Looks like a great, relaxing trip. Thanks for sharing some pictures and accounts with us. Looking forward to more.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I have so much I'd like to ask you. It seems like a great way of combining a lot of outdoor pursuits. Biking, camping,getting a workout. The part about the tripod chair,coffee, a journal and a book was especially appealing. What an image,watching loons in a rain shower.

  3. My mom grew up in Drummond. Next time you're there could you get a pic of the store & bank - my grandmother worked there for many years. She eventually moved from the house into Senior Housing just west (?) of town. I think I could find it if I was there. We used to go out to the Lake & picnic and swim. I believe my great grandparents had a house on the lake but my grandmother moved into town after they passed as she never learned to drive. Walked everywhere. She was a hearty woman. Much more than I will ever be. Lol. I miss home so much!! Love you Uncle Roger, always enjoy reading & seeing your adventures.

  4. I love bike camping, especially in the spring before it gets too hot and the bugs get too bad. I've mostly camped in the New England area, but Wisconsin looks amazing!

  5. Thanks Amy...I did not know that bit of family background. Next time I am there I will take pictures. Love you too!!