Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Headed home

 Sorry for the delay getting this last segment in about the camping trip.  We have spent the last several days at the cabin which translates to no computer connection.  For that matter, very sporadic cell service, 1 or possibly 2 TV stations and that is sporadic also.  It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I do miss not being able to keep up on the blogs and other stuff.  Not the TV though.  The on button was was not pressed even one time in the days we were there.

It's a great place to press the reset button of life.

On the last morning of the bicycle camping trip, I awoke at Wisconsin Pattison Falls State Park with the weather threatening.  As I was packing up the Park Ranger stopped by.  "Where you off to?" he says.   When I told him I was heading to Gordon, his eyes rolled upward.  "In this? We are supposed to get some weather you know," was his reply.  I told him I had rain gear.  "Well, good luck with that," and off he drove.  He had a good demeanor, was fun to talk with and was only letting me know what was on the way.  After all, the weather service was calling for rain and thundershowers.  I didn't take many pictures that day because of the rain, but I had to load one up anyhow.  In the 6 hours it took me to get home, I only had rain a couple times.  I could see the heavy stuff coming, so it was then I suited up.  I would no sooner get suited up and it would quit.  It seemed as though I was on the edge of the showers all the way home.  I really couldn't complain about the amount of rain I experienced on the whole trip.   Couple times, but nothing torrential.  It was a great trip and fun to get out.   Next post will be on some gear.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. I like "it's a great place to hit the reset button". It's sounds like it was a great trip. I look forward to the gear post. Thanks RL!

  2. Sounds like a great trip. And the cabin sounds pretty good too. My in-laws have a similar place in MN. I haven't been there in too long.