Monday, May 21, 2012

More Bicycle Camping

 I didn't sleep well the first night out.  The thunder was crashing until about midnight, although we didn't get any storms creating damage.  I had listened to the forecast before I went to bed and it said the wind was to be very strong from the direction of travel for the next day.  I awoke at 4AM with the wind howling, the tent making noise and I was waiting the the sun to rise.  I was up at 5:30, had a bite to eat, packed and on the road a little after 6AM hoping to cheat some of the wind.  Didn't work. :-)  lol  Mile 18 today had me sitting in Iron River having breakfast, coffee and chatting with the locals.

 One of the snack spots of the day.  More chatting...this time with trout fishermen.

 If as though the wind was just not quite enough of a test, there were also several steep grades today.  Many of these hills come from the numerous rivers, creeks and small streams making their way to Lake Superior.  

 This abandon house sitting in a field really doesn't look that bad.  the roof is still straight anyhow.

 This part of the highway features some very nice farm land and views across Lake Superior.  Today, it also provided room for the wind to gain speed and with it bring the coolness of the big lake.  It was a struggle to maintain any speed, as the wind was doing the talking today.  I could hear it! :-)

Speaking of wind, I stopped here at the Davidson Windmill with 50 miles in and only 5 more to go for the day.  This windmill has been refurbished and maintained by some of the locals.  It was built in 1905 by Finnish immigrant Jacob Davidson.

 The last 3 miles should have been easy with the wind helping, but after over 50 miles of fighting the wind, I really couldn't take advantage of it for some reason.  Have I mentioned how windy it was today?  This was my stop for the day.

 This was my campsite at Amnicon.  The person that checked me in was very helpful.  She suggested this site because it had a tent spot, some grass and as a bonus, it had a lot of firewood.  

 To the great park employee I am thankful, because I needed that firewood by the late afternoon.  The  coolness of Lake Superior was easily reaching this far out.

 There are a lot of picture opportunities at Amnicon Falls State Park.  I can't even begin to think how many images are taken from this park.  I chose these next two because this little falls is missed by many.  It is called Now and Then Falls.  The river is probably over 50 feet wide here where this little ribbon of water breaks off...when the water is plentiful.  The name is chosen because it isn't present all of the time.  Only now and then.

 That little ribbon of water leads to this...The Now and Then Falls.

 I sat many places to take in the view.

IMO, Amnicon Falls is a gem that it is often overlooked...especially by the locals.  And...the park personnel are very knowledgeable and fun to chat with.  I will post up another when I get some time.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!


  1. Great scenery on your cycle camping trip.... Sorry to read about your battle against the power of the wind...A well earned rest at the end of your day though..!!


  2. I think you trip sounds great for the chatting as much as the riding. Nice pictures.

  3. RL- I've had those nights backpacking and camping. First light, let's go. It's nice that you talk with the locals. After all they are part of the journey too.

    I liked the comment about the abandoned house. I don't know why I like them. A decent roof really prolongs the life. Keeps the weather out, I guess.

    I like everything you see and your thoughts. Even the wind. I think it's why I find this bike camping intriguing. Great post.