Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Caching Ski

 I contemplated this morning on which I should do.  Bicycle or Cross Country Ski.  At the last second I decided on the ski.  I decided on a trip to our neighboring township to the east of us, Barnes WI, which has a nice trail system at their town park on Tomahawk Lake.  (click here for park link)  Today the trail had been groomed but not tracked, but it is usually tracked classical.  They first use a roller type affair to flattened it like shown above and then come back to set the tracks.  I came in at the half way point of the process. 

 This was the lunch spot today  (PB and honey on light wheat again)

 This trail post got my attention.  It is severely marked up.

 I knew what had caused the damage without looking, but Mr. Black Bear left proof.  It's a crappy picture, but you can see the hair he left behind.  Among some of the reasons is that they do this to mark scent.  I will link a site with some information on this behavior here. (click)

 At around noon I noticed the snow began to get sticky.  An hour later is when I decided I need to invest in some new skis.  The ones I have are waxless, (note they still need some wax, weird).  I want to get some waxable ones.  I think I may be able to adapt better to the conditions with the waxable. 

 I knew the trail has a big hairpin to it, so I used the cross country part of the skis to actually go cross country to save some of the sticky.

 Today I also added in some Geocaching. A caching ski, one might say.

This was a unique container.  Logged my cache name and moved on. 

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Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

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