Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easy Choice

 Ride the above indoors ? ?
The below outdoors ? ?
 It was an easy choice for me today, because as of late I have spent way too much time in the downstairs training room.  Although the trainer has did me no harm, I have no love for it.  I guess I need to give it a big hug before I get on, or a peace offering of some kind.  Maybe a book would be good.

 We received about 2 to 3 inches of fresh powder early this morning. The temperature was around the 20°F range and the sun shining bright.  That made for a great day to be out.

 Sometimes I got to looking around and not paying attention to where I was going...and...I suffered for it then.  Keeping the speed up helped and I dropped the tire pressure down a bit.  I started with 7 lbs and I would guess I went down to around 5.  It helped.  But the big thing was paying attention.  I sometimes have problems with that.

We are suppose to be getting some snow in the next couple days.  Until then I will keep riding the trails the way they are, then after the snow, pack them again. 

The deer and other critters use the trails also.  Around here if you get out and drive a back road after a light snow, you get to see how many critters use the roads too.  Fox, Coyotes, Fishers, and Deer to name a very few, will come out to a road and will sometimes walk it for a mile or more.  They like the easy walking too.  Can't blame them.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!