Friday, February 15, 2013


 I got out for a sweet ride yesterday.  Those that bicycle know how the wind influences the effort needed to propel the machine forward.  I knew before I left the warmth of home I was in for a good fight on this day.  It was well worth it.  If one waits for the conditions to be ideal, they would spend a lot of time indoors.    

 This was the lunch spot on this day along with the obligatory picture of the bicycle of choice today.

 I rode many back roads.  The above picture is from Buckley Island Drive.  This road is a dead end that travels near 5.5 miles back in the bush.  What was great about his road is goes downhill the last 1.5 miles...dead end remember.  This day meant climbing back out against the wind. :-)  You may be able to see that there were tracks of one vehicle that also traveled this road.  They were looking for critter tracks...maybe Bobcat or Coyote.  We had a dusting of snow, so they traveled the road looking for tracks of their prey.

On some roads, there were no tracks.  This ride started with a temp of about 25°F and ended with the temp of 20°F with a strong wind.  A wind to make a person stronger.  It had me out for over 3 hours.  Over three hours of sweetness, that is.

Lets get outdoors and have some Fun!!   


  1. Snow or sand on the coast, it is good to get outdoors and rolling on fat!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. It's so true....If you want to go out don't hang around waiting for those perfect conditions, otherwise as you say, 'you will spend a lot of time indoors'......