Monday, February 11, 2013

Terrific, Tremendous and Transcendent

 We had a snow storm come through the yesterday, but we didn't get as much snow as people in our surrounding area.  We only had about 4 inches.  I had the driveway plowed and the walks and deck shoveled by 9 AM. 

 And, the critters fed.  Now What??   

 I know...:-)  A bicycle ride!!

 The storm we did receive was rain first, then ice pellets for a while, then some monster wet flakes and it finished off to be a consistency that was not great for riding the trails.

 So I rode the back roads again.

 It flurried some more snow while I was out, but nothing that is going to add up.  

The ride today had me out for over 2½ hours.  The temp hovered around the 25°F, big giant snow flakes drifted to the ground, the wind howled and the roads were plowed...terrific, tremendous and transcendent!!  :-)

Lets get outdoors and have some Fun!

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