Friday, August 2, 2013

Great Peoples equal Great Time!!

 On one of the recent rides took me north to Solon Springs and then some.  I knew when I left home which way the wind was blowing and was prepared for the worst.  It wasn't near as bad as I expected.  It was a great ride and I am gaining some speed back...I think ;-)  The main term here is I think, and in my own little mind, that is what counts.

 We used to be members here, but we decided to give golf a break this year.  I will golf somewhere this week, but it won't be here.  Can't see paying what they get to play golf here on a 9 hole layout.   

I normally do not see many cars vehicles when I ride the country roads here,  but it was busy on this ride.  In the first 1.5 miles I saw 8 vehicles. After that first spurt of cars I went 8 more miles before I finally met a motorcycle...and then a few more the closer I rolled towards town.

 This is one of the few farms around the Gordon, WI area.  The first part of the summer was ideal for hay, which is not common for us.  

 WOW, more pea gravel.  I hadn't been on a ride north to Solon Springs in probably a month and was surprised to see this.  Good thing was, it was already packed tight and it was only about a mile long.

 See anything wrong with this picture??

 This one looks good.  

 Downtown Solon Springs!!  

The main reason I rode my bicycle to visit my youngest son and his family...homemade Pizza made by  his Mother in-law.  Now I know it is only 20 miles up there, but I figured it the bicycle earned me an extra piece...or two...and that is why I didn't take the car.  But the best thing and the highlight of the evening was of course the company. Eleven of us. Great Peoples equal Great Time!!  AND, I don't say that because I am biased.  I say it because it is fact!

Lets get outdoors and have some fun! 

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