Saturday, October 11, 2014

5 to 1

Thought I would try something a little different with this post. It is this weeks rides combined into this one, which turned out to be a mumble jumble of photos and a video at the end. Not sure about this idea. 

Monday this week had me spending about 3 hours on the Kona.  The wind was fierce.  They said 20mph and they were not lying. I went out against the wind and rode the wind home, which is the way I like to do wind when I can. 

A cabin I rode by.

 Did I mention the wind?  I passed by here on a slight downhill with the wind at my back. Moving I was. I rolled on by and then went on back and cleaned it up.

  This week in biking has had me once again seen me splitting my time between the Kona Jake and 9:ZERO:7.  The 9:ZERO:7 was used on Sun, Tues, Wed, Thur and Friday with the Kona ride on Monday.  ummm 5 to 1. It's funny because I seriously looked at the road bike and the mountain bike thinking that there was not much chance of riding those left this year, but once the fat bug bites it is hard to shake it. With that being said, tomorrow will be my favorite ride of the week. I say that because the tandem is loaded on the truck and ready for Saturday morning.  Yeehaw!!

 Freshly graded trail.  That seems to always loosen it up some.

 One of the little trails I rode on Thursday. This one ended up to be a dead end. I then threw the fatty on my shoulder and made a hike-a-bike to the next trail. Turned out to be further than I thought through some very thick woods.  Have you ever hiked a fatty? Not my brightest moment of the week. 

 An old deer stand I rolled by.

 These trails are sweeeeeettt!! I saw a Grey wolf (aka, timber wolf) on Fridays ride. It was a small one. I have seen much bigger. It wasn't grey, root beer is the color I would say. But, it was timber wolf. It crossed the trail a short way in front of me.

 This is the trail the video on the end of the post was made.  That video will explain this trail.

One of the side trails ended at this bear bait.  There were fresh tracks there. 

The above is a video I shot on Friday.  It is a trail that brought back good memories. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

Thanks for watching and any comments you may have!


  1. Nice video, you've got me intrigued about a Fatty.

    1. Thanks Jeff! They sure are a lot of fun.