Friday, October 24, 2014


 I met some friends up at the Carlton, MN trail head again for some great company and a ride thrown in for extra credit.  We had 5 riders this week.  Awesome fun!  The tamarack trees are in their glow. So much so I decided to start and end this blog post with tamarack pics.

See anything wrong with the the newly paved Douglas County HIghway T in this pic??  I mean really!! That is the best they can do?  I see what uses they have in mind here.  I mean, at most a 2" bike lane.  Pathetic! Really?!? I guess the only thing to do is take the lane! End of rant. :-)

 I have been riding the what I call the Black Bear loop quite often. Good country back roads, but it does involve riding the rant road.

 On this day I was out early. A little fog in the air.

Ahhh, there is the bike/water pic. hehehe The sun rising up over a pot hole. 

 The road is wet when you ride in the morning these days, but at least we can see the road.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading and any comments you may have!


  1. Tamaracks are one tree I never really appreciated until I started biking. Just one of the things you don't notice until you move at a slower pace.

    1. Thanks Darin. I too think a person puts notice to many more things than whizzing along in an auto.

  2. Roger - Have enjoyed all your latest posts, even tho' I haven't commented recently. Really enjoyed the video of your canoe trip that you posted a while back. Looked like a great trip!

    What were they thinking when they made NO shoulder on that Cty Rd T?! That can't be to normal spec. I would think a shoulder of some kind would be mandated.

    1. Thanks Barb! I have been close to throwing in the towel, but it is very nice to hear of people still reading. I enjoy hearing that. Thank You!