Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bicycle Bliss

Bicycle Bliss

As of late, I have made a couple rides on the Willard Munger Trail. I used to ride it quite often when I worked in Duluth near to a trailhead, but it had been waaay too long since the last ride here. I do not know why it took so long to get on this beautiful trail. I mean I know it is a 50 mile drive to the trail. Which is most likely why I haven't been on it. But that being said, I need to get to more of these type of trails.  I do enjoy them!

 While we were parked at a picnic area, a bicycle blogger from the past stopped and visited. I really enjoyed the visit and that added even more to an already great day.

 A nice warm beautiful fall day.  The leafs in their glory. A smooth blacktop trail with no vehicles. Nice picnic/rest stops.  Meeting new friends.  And to top it off, it was my wife's idea to ride this trail on the tandem. IMO, days like this is living life at it finest! 

 Looking down on the St. louis river from the trail bridge between Carlton and Thomson.

 The trailhead n Carlton was our lunch spot on Saturday. It was also the spot I met two friends for Tuesdays ride. 

 I showed up early to Tuesday's ride to make a trip to the next town of Mahtowa and back before our meeting time of 4:30. Getting back on a road bike after riding cross, fat-tire and tandem was unreal.  Even going against the wind I felt fast. 

 The above is a little picnic spot along the Munger in which I stopped for a brief rest.

Seems I can't resist taking a picture a bicycle near water. hehehe

 I met my friends back in Carlton at 4:30 for a ride on the Alex Laveau Memorial.  It was great to back riding with them.  Just like the last time I visited the Willard Munger trail, it had been waaay too long since we had been out for a ride together. I thoroughly enjoyed it. To learn about the trails I rode in this blog follow the link here.  I would encourage anyone who hasn't rode these trails, or like me it had been a while, to get on out there. They are nothing short of fantastic. Riding a road bike for many miles and not worrying about automobile traffic is a bicycling bliss. 

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!

Thanks for reading and any comments you may have!


  1. I love riding on trails like that! But even though the scenery of the foliage looks amazing, I prefer not to have to bundle up like Janice to ride. When I do, though, it's worth it!

  2. Todays ride back near home had me thinking. The roads around here are what I would call rolling hills. Those trails are railroad grade...ummmm, maybe that is what appeals to me. Yes, she dresses a lot warmer than I.

  3. Yep. It was fun on tuesday. Have to do it again.