Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Fatty

SO, I know it has been a while since I have loaded anything up on the blog.  I have been riding, and most times with the camera, but I don't stop and shoot pics. The blog has taken a hit on my radar screen.  Please forgive me!  On this particular fall day, I was out on the bicycle for a couple hours and took the time for some photos.  I was on the fat-tire today and it felt good to be back on that.  I have been riding the Kona Jake mostly, but the recent snow we had put the fat bug in me. That and this last weekend we watched some of a gravel ride/race in Duluth MN. It is called the Heck of the North.(linked) There is a nice video part down their home page.  We spent 3.5 hours watching the riders come in at about the 67 mile mark. It was looking like a tough ride this year.  I am glad we went, as I learned a lot from watching. That sealed the deal on getting the fat! I added a video of Sundays fatty ride at the end of this post.

The ride today took me by this local lake.

This lake is said to be 102 feet deep, although when I have been out fishing I have registered more than on my sonar until. Very clear and deep! It will be the last of the lakes to freeze in our area.

This little pond will be one of the first.  I enjoy having lunch here because it is on a little path a quite a ways from a road.  Nice and quiet.

Almost two hours of stuff like this on this day out.

We have had a lot of moisture lately...well really since the summer of 2013.

This is another of my favorite lunch spots.

These trails are used mostly by the locals.  The mapped ATV/snowmobile trails are much wider. Almost like dirt least some of them.

After riding on this day, Janice needed some steps for her Fitbit. So, we went for a hike on the North Country Trail (linked).

It was a 3.5 mile hike and the time was just past lunch, so we packed a couple sandwiches and had a mini picnic on the shore of the St. Croix River.

This was near our finishing spot.  We chased many ducks from here. All around, this was another great day to be here in the northwoods of WI.

This is a little video from Sundays ride. I shot a small video form the hike...very small, as the battery went dead on the camera. Reached for the other battery and remembered I left it in the pannier on the bike.

Lets get outdoors and have some fun!!

Thanks for reading, watching and any comments you may have.


  1. Looks like a perfect day. Fat bike envy continues. Nice work!

    1. Don't let that envy continue! Jump in...the water's warm.

  2. When I'm fully recovered from the Gastric sleeve I just had, I plan on joining you for a ride in that fantastic area you live in. I do need a fat bike!

    1. Sounds good! I am hoping your recovery is coming along well. I will be getting up your way too one of these days to ride with some friends that live in the Cloquet area. Although, I do not know if it will be this fall.