Sunday, October 19, 2014

Closing In!

 Middle week had me back on a road bike.

 On this ride I went out with the wind and then had a 16 mile sufferfest straight back into the wind. 

 I stopped here at the Wascott WI recreation ball park and play ground. Here is a link to a great organization that has had a lot to do with this facility. 

 The leaves are falling but it is still very scenic riding. 

 More water/bicycle pictures.

Popples and Oaks are now in color with the Maples and others stripped bare.

 On this particular day, mid morning, there was no one golfing here at Black Bear Golf and Tennis Club.  I couldn't believe that. What I mean is this, 50+ and sunny in the middle of October in northern WI with winter closing in, I figured people would be getting in those final rounds.  Guess not?!

 We now have a Little Free Library nearby. Well, nearby for us in the country.  It is about 11 miles from our home.  For those not familiar with the Little Free is a link. I plan on making one also.

 Another day had me back on the 9:ZERO:7.  On this day I headed to the bird sanctuary on the north side of Gordon. 

 I came flying around this downhill corner to this surprise. Whoaaaa!! Almost wet.

Some good riding this week. Winter is closing in!

My advice...for what it is worth
Get outdoors and have some fun!

Thanks for reading and any comments you may have.

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