Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cabin ride

Janice and I went for a road ride from the cabin today. As I have said before...this is a great area to ride. We rode 18 miles of nice lake country back roads with very little traffic. When we met the first car I looked at the computer...6.45 miles. It was very warm though, as we did not leave until 10:30am.
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Smooth scenic roads.

This is a wild life area we rode by.

Common Mullein...a.k.a...flannel plant. We saw a lot of these today. This was one of the largest. Janice is 5'6". It is said in the old days, people would line their shoes with the leaves because they were soft and warm like flannel. Not to date can see the fence post in the background and the Jack Pine trees...I remember when this was a field. It is the old Kessler farm. Must be good soil and the trees grow fast...right?

More nice roads

There is some large timber in this area. Oaks here.

This is Section One Road. This was paved last year and it opened up a lot of new road biking opportunities. It was a missing link...not any more and we are taking full advantage of it.

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