Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bicycle camping....Day 2

We survived the storm and rain last night to ride another day. We cooked dehydrated egg stuff for breakfast...not that good. There was clouds and mist still in the air.

Should have mentioned before that the Wisconsin State Trails requires purchasing a pass to ride... Daily is $4.00 and annual is $20.00... some more money well spent. Today we will be riding the Elroy/Sparta Trail. There are a lot of flowers along these trails. These are just a couple of pictures of some of them. Chicory....a.k.a. Blue Sailor or Ragged Sailor

Prairie Lily

The brown flower heads in this picture is the Wild Parsnip. There is a lot of this on the old railroad trails. Read the picture below.

This is the second tunnel we went through on our trip. It is about 3/10th's of a mile long. It was not raining when we entered the tunnel, but it was when we exited. There were about 10 people at the end of the tunnel hiding from the rain. Janice and I suited up and continued on.
We made it to Wilton when it really hit hard... thunder, lightning and heavy rain. There were people hiding about in the area to escape the storm. We waited an hour and a half, and the rain hadn't stopped yet, so we suited up again and continued on. We didn't get pictures of the third tunnel on our trip because it was still raining.
It had finally quit raining about a mile before this tunnel...the last rain we would see on our trip. This is the fourth tunnel on our trip. It is 3/4 mile long. You need to walk your bikes through all of these tunnels. This tunnel is especially wet. It's like it is raining from the ceiling. It is also so dark that you cannot see your hand in front of your face. You need to carry a flashlight with you.
This is our campsite at the walk-in campground at Sparta. The mosquito's were so thick you could swat multiple mosquito's with each swat. I cannot remember the last time I used repellent...10 years or more. It did not take me long to cave-in. They were not big just an army of them. After setting up camp, we rode into Sparta and replaced the tube and CO2's I had used earlier. We treated our selves tonight to supper at Culver's. This was a good change from the dehydrated food.
I did make coffee when we returned...MMM coffee. I also went over the chains as they were very dirty from todays riding on the crushed limestone trails. I am glad I brought a small bottle of lube along. The bikes are full of dirt and grime. We had a 41 mile day.

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