Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bicycle camping...Day Three

We packed up from mosquito hell this morning with out even a snack...just pack and get the hell out of there. We went into Sparta, filled up our water at the trail station, and had a snack for breakfast. Just a side note, the Elroy/Sparta trail is the first rail to trail established in the nation.

We headed west on our fourth rail trail of the trip...the LaCrosse River Trail.

When we reached the city of Bangor, we decided to look for a snack. We rode through town and found a store, bought our snacks and headed back to the trail. Before we reached the trail...a mere few feet...I hit a pothole in the road and had a pinch flat on the rear tire. It was a good thing that we had purchased the new tube and CO2's to replace the ones from the previous flat. We had this shaded area to change the tube and have our snack.
Where the Lacrosse trailand the Great River trail meet, we stopped and cooked up lunch....chicken-n-noodles dehydrated...tasty.
We then headed on the final leg...The Great River Trail. This ended up to be the one of the nicest trails I have ever been on. The scenery along this trail is unbeatable.

This is one of many bridges we crossed on The Great River Trail. The trail runs through miles and miles of marshland. I expected to see an alligator poke its head up out of the back washes of the Mississippi where this trail runs.
We rode 51 miles on the final day, for a total of 127 miles. I would suggest these Wisconsin State Trails to anyone who is interested in traffic free bicycling. All of the towns we passed through were extremely bicycle friendly. It seems like some of the towns are centered around stops...water...bathrooms...maps...some even have showers...snacks and souvenirs. There are many Amish in the area riding in their buggys pulled by horses...did not take any pictures of them...I understand they don't like that. We witnessed a lot of families enjoying these trails also.

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