Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cabin Weekend

Spent the weekend at the family cabin. It is always fun when we can get the family together, but when it is at the cabin, that is really fun. We spent Saturday fishing...and this young man caught his first thru the ice fish....note...many more than one. That is what fishing is about in my world. The kids having fun and just keep just enough for a meal. I do not believe in putting fish in the freezer. Catching enough for a meal now and then is fine. By releasing what you do not need will help ensure fishing into the future for the young'ens. We had 15 people for the evening meal...which Lisa, our daughter, called a feast. We awoke Sunday morning to a fresh 4 inches of snow. With the sun shining bright, Janice and I went for a nice 3 mile walk. There is something special about exercising in brisk weather. It was 3 above zero...fresh snow...fresh critter tracks...and thankful to be able to do such things. All smiles///click for big

And more smiles

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