Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rudimentary Analysis

I signed up for the Mn Ironman this morning. If you get signed up no later than Monday, you save $5 and get your name in the hat for an early bird drawing. I have always had a good time at that ride. Last year we rode the 100 mile ride and finished just in time. While we were loading the bikes on the rack, it started to snow...big flakes and accumulating fast.
Here we are doing some "Rudimentary Analysis" for the purpose of studding up the tandem. It was negative 21 this morning and negative 11 when we were up to this. On a side note, it takes a hardy soul to fish in this kind of weather.

We put Janice's bike on the trainer this morning.

Now she can have some fun also.


  1. What does "rudimentary analysis" mean?

  2. We do not know. We were hoping somebody out there would tell us so at least two people would know then...might have something to do with fishing???

  3. We didn't have your timing at last years Ironman. Those big flakes started falling as we were leaving the last rest stop. I wanted to go fast because a chill was setting in, but my riding partner was starting to bonk. It was a bit miserable, but we made it.