Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doesn't Get Much Better

I went for a nice 2.5 hour ride today. The conditions were excellent and there was very little traffic. A question for you CAD...How does a big piece of liverwurst stack up for a post ride snack? It was gooood.Some have looked at me quizzically when they hear that I ride in the winter, but then many times ask, "What do you wear when you ride in the winter?" I tell them I wear the exact same thing as when I am cross country skiing. It was +30 when I left and +42 when I returned. It was not cold today, but this is what I wore. For the head, a Katandin Microtherm helmet liner, a helmet and a Sugoi helmet cover. For the top, a Iron Clad cold condition first layer and a thinly lined nylon jacket. Bottom is a pair of biking shorts covered with a Iron Clad cold condition first layer and a thin lined nylon wind pant. For the feet is a pair of merino wool socks and a pair of polyester///cotton socks and then just regular shoes. For me, this is good from +10 to +40. If it is lower than +10, I will add a sweater and a pair of sweat pants and more face covering.
This picture should have been down two more places but, $%#@ it...and...for some reason, you can't click for big as you can with most of the other pictures we post. This was taken with the trail cam a couple years ago. This shows how the turkeys and the whitetails get along. As with all for big.

These are some White Tail Deer that I got close to today. I don't think they wanted get off the road very badly.

This was along one of the roads I was on today. This is where the turkeys have been scratching looking for food. These are small ones. Sometimes in the woods, these scratching areas are huge.

This is what most of the roads looked like today.....Peeerrrffeeeecccttt.

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  1. After my 6:00 a.m. 18k ski this morning I made bacon, eggs, and "Mickey Mouse" pancakes. I suppose I could have subbed liverwurst for the bacon...Not!