Monday, January 12, 2009

Janice Walloped Her Head

While skiing this weekend, we encountered a few hills. We came to one on Saturday that was medium length, steep, down and right back up. I tried to keep my momentum so that climbing the up side would be easier and that worked quite nicely. After getting up over the top of the hill and looking Janice. I went back to the crest of the hill and discovered she was laid out on the hill. Thoughts immediately went to panic as I hollered down to ask if she was alright. Her response was ......"I have fallen and walloped my head."..... I again ask if she was alright and she confirmed that she was just fine...but then she added again..."I walloped my head a good one." I cannot remember the last time I have heard the term "walloped" used. It seems like one of those words that is not getting much use.
Another word that is being used less and less...."You're Welcome." You say "thank you" to someone and most likely the response will be....No Problem....No, Thank you....Forget it.
Just saying....and I am as guilty as anyone else....and another thing, is it Your Welcome or You're Welcome. No wonder it's getting less use. It's complicated.
We reckon that will be about it for now. Do you know of other words that are disappearing? Or is it just us. We maybe should start wearing our helmets while skiing, so if we wallop our heads, the damage may be limited.

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