Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fantasic Ride

I took the Timberlin out for some exercise this afternoon. It lives basically just for winter now and it was getting lonely sitting in the garage. I have had it out this year, just not enough to keep it happy. The conditions were ideal. Roads were excellent, 22 degrees F and just all an around f i n e ride. I was out for 1 hour 25 minutes and put some serious thought in to taking just one more road, but that would have led into darkness and I did not bring the batteries for the front light.I have been trying to talk Janice into letting me stud the tandem so she could ride with me. She is say the least...about that idea. I am still working on it. If anybody out there has put studs on a tandem, please let us know how it worked. I sure can't see any issues.
It is feeling better already.

Nobody out today.

What does the name of this road suggest?

This is a picture of almost the whole road. One and half miles with about 3 little tiny rollers. Sounds tough though. HILL ROAD.

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