Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not much bin happin round here lately...but I did get out for a nice ride after work. I was overdressed...and...not smart enough to stop and take a layer off. I do not know why. It seems on short rides, I just tough it out. On the longer rides, I will stop and adjust. Why I do not do the same on the shorter rides is anybodies guess.It was 13 degrees when I left the house and I rode 12.8 miles. The last mile was a nice light snow falling. The roads that I rode tonight are basically snow packed so much, that they are now a sheet of ice. That doesn't matter with the studs. They work great.
Had this "little pecker" at the feeder before I left on the ride.

Stopped and took one picture. G-2 froze solid before home.


  1. I've got studs on my short list for next winter. A must have around here. BTW, did the Antler Inn ever reopen? Good grub back in the day.

  2. Yes it has. It is under new management. I have not been there, but they seem to be doing well with the amount of vehicles we have seen in their lot.
    I bought the cheaper Innova tires a couple years ago and they have held up well for me. If I were going to commute with studs, I may have went with the Nokian.