Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Nice Day

More hooky yesterday afternoon. So far this week it has been Monday on the fixie, Tuesday we rode the tandem and Wednesday was 3 hours on the mountain bike. Wednesdays riding the rut roads amounted to fun, fun and more F U N. Both Monday and Tuesday, the temperature was 41 when we left the house. Wednesday was 39 and I dressed the same as the other two days. Conclusion is...riding the ruts == more work...need to dress a little lighter. Many of the roads were similar to this one...some were less traveled, some were more traveled, but all were back trails.

I did encounter some O2S sand. If you keep your speed up, slide your weight to the rear wheel and keep the r's up on the pedals, you can ride through a lot of sand.


  1. skipping work to bike -- good on ya, mate! we've been truly blessed, haven't we?

  2. Yes we have...a bonus this year for sure. We think positive...The glass is half full.