Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheating Old Man Winter

We robbed another day from old man winter today. Our average high temperature for today is 36 and today we had over 63 when I got home from what can only be described as stealing a ride. The forecast was calling for this, so I used a half day vacation, and rode the Black Bear Ride. Before I headed out for the ride, I had the bike on the stand and noticed the chain making a lot of noise. The last ride I was on it was misting some rain and even though I lubricate regularly with I consider good lube, it must have picked up some fine sand. I cleaned, re lubed and headed out only to discover I put the link in from the opposite direction it should have been. There was a snapping noise every now and then. I stopped at .4 miles in and corrected what could be considered an "opportunity." Nice and smooth after the fix.
When I came by Black Bear Golf and Tennis, two friends of ours were just finishing. I had actually thought about golfing instead today and even with golfing coming to an end fast this year...I will not get golfing until spring...and the fact that I ride my bike year around, in my mind I made the right choice.

Some geese on Lake Nancy enjoying the nice weather also.

Circle of life. One dead oak and more little ones coming in.

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  1. A great way to spend a half day of vacation. I'm meeting a couple friends to golf today and it may be our last chance for a while.