Friday, November 6, 2009

Night ride

I left the house around 8 this evening and put an hour on the bicycle. It was a warm night. Even though I was a tad over dressed, my clothes were dry when I got home. I guess that's a sign I didn't work too hard it, so I have been told.
I could hear the geese, saw a couple deer and did not see one automobile on tonight's ride...sooo...another good one in the books just after the Beaver moon.


  1. I hope the nice weather lasts a little longer!

  2. Rlove- Doug, Jeff, and I are going to ride the gravel trail out of Superior and Sunday at 11:00. The Moccasin Mike road trail head. @30 miles, should be fun if you care to join us.

  3. We have a family gathering at 1:00 that was supposed to be last weekend, but was delayed to this weekend because a family member had the flu. If it wasn't for that, I would SO BE THERE. Thanks for the invite and please do keep in mind anytime you guys ride.