Monday, November 16, 2009

Nice day for a that's what I did. With the temperature at 18 this morning, it warmed up very nice by noon. We have had some unseasonably nice temps I gently tap knuckles to the head hoping not jinx it. The temp was 41 when I left the house and 44 when I returned. We live in sand country and on a day like today, when you look at the sand, it makes it seem warmer than it really is...maybe. It's just a theory.
This what we call a Pot Hole. Numerous little bodies of water that populate our area. There is a layer of ice on this one, although not enough to walk on. There have been years when we have been ice fishing by this time...not this year.

This is one of the first dirt roads I rode regularly. It goes in over 5 miles and dead cabins, houses, or cell phone service. As an added bonus, there are some rut roads that enables a person to easily put on over 20 miles of wilderness riding.

If you are reading this and are from this area...You loose.

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