Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bearskin

I took the Kona for a ride on the Bearskin Trail.  I have always wanted to ride this trail in the fall as it traverses through low land and has a lot of Tamarack.  The Tamarack puts on its color show after the hardwoods have dropped their leaves.  I was about a week too late for the ideal colors, but it was still a nice ride. 

Back to the Bearskin.  It runs 18.2 miles one way from the tourist town of Minocqua WI south to near the junction of Highway's K and 51.  This is a bridge at the beginning in Minocqua. 

There is a lot of water near this trail.

It is very well marked not only as to the legal use of the trail, but also has mileage markers and informational signs relating to the history and natural resources of the area. 

Guessing, I would say at about the halfway point, is a very nice picnic area with four picnic tables, a hand pump well and bathrooms.

Above is a picture of another rest stop.  This also is signed of the significance and a nice place to watch the wildlife...on and off the trail.

As usual I don't have much to say...just loading up some pictures.

Pictures are nice to look at anyway.

There are several of these wooden bridges on the Bearskin with this one being the longest at 746 feet.  All of the bridges are signed with a name and the length.

More water.

More water here also, but it takes some manpower to see it.  This is near the south end of the trail with a parking lot and bathrooms nearby.  This is a very nice trail to ride.  I rode it both ways this day plus a little extra for a total of 39 miles.  We have to take advantage of the little time we have left before the snow blankets the area.


  1. Oh, the tamaracks...Sure beats the tall buildings down here.


  2. I've ridden the Bearskin many times. I even rode it once on a Next that I rented from Z-Best Bikes in Minocqua.