Friday, October 22, 2010

Half a Day

We had another unseasonably warm day with temps around 60 and a SSW wind coming in at 15mph.  They say it could the last warm day for quite some time to come...Sooo, it was a 1/2 day of vacation for me even though somecadhad the whole day off, but the bonus for me was I got in almost 50 miles of gravel riding this afternoon.

Most of the roads could not have been better for riding. 

A lone Oak holding on.

We had 23 degrees this morning, but these little daisy like flowers are doing well.  Aster of some kind , maybe??

It was warm enough to be stripped down to just shorts and shirt, but I kept on my unzipped vest, (and shirt) just because I didn't want to carry it.  Thats saying something for us up here in northern woods of Wisconsin this late in October.

I felt like I was cheating the bike gods today with the weather nice, road conditions perfect and being able to play hooky to take advantage.

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