Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It wasn't even that cold

When I get outside and do something, whether it be biking of any kind, trail running, cutting firewood or just going for a walk, it does wonders for my over-all outlook of things.  Although I work indoors, I still spend a lot of my off time outdoors.  This winter I am going to try to increase that outdoor time.  Reminds me of a recent story I heard at the Heck of the North this year.  A gentlemen there was explaining about one of the local guys having some possible frostbite trouble at last years Arrowhead 135.  Now, we heard this standing in the wilderness of Northern MN and it went something like this.  "Last year he had problems with his feet or I should say his toes.  I don't know why though.  It only got down to 21 below that night.  I mean it wasn't even that cold."  Now he was really serious about this 21 below not being "that" cold and I know they have had temperatures around the negative 40 mark during that event, but this makes me smile every time I think of him telling this.  Only in the Northwoods.    

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  1. Being a North Dakota native, I can relate. And I thin I need to heed your advice and stay outside and active this winter.