Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Riding the trails

Lately, it has been the fixed gear that had been getting all the attention, but this afternoon when I went to the bike coral, it was the mountain bike.  I am sure the Anthem was saying "pick me, pick me," so being the softie I am, off we went.

The Anthem may have wished it hadn't said anything, as some of the back trails I rode tonight were growing in with brush.  We picked our way through and every now and then we could hear the brush threatening to break something.  But in the end, we all got along and came home in one piece.

 There was what I would call a medium wind today which has resulted in some of the leaves giving up the fight...kissing the earth one might say. 
I had a nice 11+ mile ride of nothing but rut trails.  If time would have permitted, I would have ridden many more miles than that.  This type of riding...trails, gravel and ect. is just flat out fun. 

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