Thursday, February 10, 2011

Build Update

The big tire designing and building is on going.  There are some really cool things happening, such as these killer dropouts.  These are the same dropouts used on the Civia Bryant.  They are designed so you do not need a split frame if you wish to run a belt drive.  They also are designed with an interchangeable dropout section so that a person may run it horizontal or vertical to accommodate single or multi-speed, which ever your current drive lust may be.  This means that by easily changing the drop out you have the capability of belt drive, chain drive, internal multi-speed hub or a chain cassette, single speed...hell, run it fixed if that's what you want.  You get the idea.  This bike will also feature a chainstay mounted disc brake for even more coolness.    

This is a photo of the head tube and down tube.  If you notice the little holes, they are for the internal cable routing.  The intended cables for use on this one will be the Gore Ride On sealed version.  Very nice cables indeed.

The cables will exit near the bottom bracket where this down tube will be so expertly attached.
PS...just got news the front triangle was tacked up today.  It will not be long before all the pieces come together :-)


  1. It's good to see progress. I can't wait to see more!

  2. Coolness!!!
    Keep keeping us posted!! ;))